US trumps the Don at the polls, handing lower house control to Democrats

US president Donald Trump.

US President Donald Trump’s worst nightmare has just come true – the Democrats received a national “yes” to dictate to his administration after regaining control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections.

Although the house historically swings in favour of the opposition when America’s midterm sentiment is balloted, the Democrats now have their tails up to have Trump ousted in two years’ time when his term ends.

That is if they don’t embark on an earnest attempt to have him impeached, a development many analysts believe to be a foregone conclusion.

As results started coming in, and Democratic blue flared up in traditionally Republican states, Reuters reported that the opposition successfully “rode a wave of dissatisfaction, giving them the opportunity to block Trump’s agenda and open his administration to intense scrutiny”.

Although the Republicans managed to hang on to their slim lead in the Senate, as pre-election stats predicted, losing the lower house in Congress “represented a bitter setback for Trump”, Reuters said.

Democrats appeared headed to a gain of more than 30 seats, well beyond the 23 they needed to claim their first majority in the 435-member house in eight years, according to the report.

The first sign of how the Democrats are expected to turn the screws on the Republicans is expectedly as early as this week’s security cluster meeting between the US and China over the two countries’ tariff stand-off.

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