MSC’s Captain Sarno says SA will ‘shine again’

Shipping line director Rasario Sarno met with representatives of the Department of Trade and Industry in Pretoria last week to “propose a plan for the creation of 5000 jobs at MSC”, his father and the shipping line’s chairman, Captain Salvatore Sarno, told guests at the company’s year-end function in Sandton yesterday evening.

He highlighted the meeting as one of the milestones at MSC over the last few months.

Sarno also reflected on the repair work done to the MSC Ines, a 300m container ship that was damaged in last year’s storm when a massive swell wrested the vessel free from its mooring and lodged it length-ways in the channel of the Port of Durban.

According to Sarno the vessel’s entire rudder was damaged and had to be replaced.

“Instead of towing it to Singapore we were told that it could be repaired locally.

“It was a bit of a surgical operation because the entire stern side of the ship had to be replaced. But it was done because in South Africa we can do anything.”

Using it as a metaphor for weathering the toughest of economic storms, Sarno also noted the medium-term budget policy statement of Finance minister Tito Mboweni earlier this week, and President Cyril Ramaphosa’s ongoing efforts to attract foreign direct investment.

He argued that because of the atmosphere of uncertainty prevailing in the country’s politics, fanned by fears of expropriation without compensation and the enduring impact of BEE on the economy, investors wouldn’t be attracted to South Africa.

“But we must to continue to work hard,” Sarno said.

“President Ramaphosa is a clever businessman and he will do the right thing. I am sure that our economic situation will change and South Africa will once again shine in the world.”

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