Letter: Jobs summit – putting the cart before the horse

Whilst one fully subscribes to job creation interventions what ticks me off is that the proverbial "cart before the horse" syndrome is ignoring the fact training and an effective no-nonsense training programme for all sectors must first be rolled out before finding solutions to the high unemployment rate.

Cultural and other barriers are constantly being set up to favour one sector of our country over another. This occurs in the training where the expertise of a person is overlooked in favour of qualifications and other criteria. There must be a balance. The sooner the government and business realise many retired and semi-retired people with the expertise and skills can contribute to the overall upliftment of all in this country the better.

Training should be a top priority before job employment strategies are implemented. Both businesses and government should seek to find solutions to how commerce can play a more active role in training without the often unnecessary burden of red tape.

Yes there the learnerships and apprenticeships out there which is a start. Small businesses, in particular light industries, should be partnered with like industries with the financial means and infrastructure to support them by introducing outsourcing.

We need to look inward at our human resources in seeking solutions to our training dilemmas and unemployment strategies and not always be in a rush to seek guidance from overseas.

We are unique so why can we not prove it to the world?

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