FTW Pick: Needed: political will to protect truck drivers

Government and its affiliated agencies lack the wherewithal to protect the transport sector against technological progress, said Arthur Goldstuck, an innovation analyst who has his finger firmly on the pulse of the 4th industrial revolution.

Speaking to FTW about the possible implications that driverless technology could have on labour relations in the sector, Goldstuck said: “The reality is that automation has been eroding our manual labour for decades.

“There’s a massive onus on industry and us but industry can’t do anything without government’s cooperation to up-skill the labour force. Manual labour in many categories is really a 20th century, if not a 19th century concept.”

Goldstuck, who was commenting on Google’s intention to rollout mass transportation on its premises through the use of driverless trams, trolleys and buses, added that “the 21st century is moving away from the previous century as automation, robotics, and the like start moving in”.

In illustrating his point that “South Africa is completely unready” in the face of future challenges, especially how it most likely will impact on labour and industry, Goldstuck said: “The other area of automotive technology evolution is the move toward electric vehicles and that’s not even remotely on the government’s agenda.

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