Zimbabwe government to merge two carriers

The Zimbabwean government has taken a decision to merge the “operations and organisational structures” of Air Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Airways, allowing for both to operate under one board.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Dr Joram Gumbo, announced on Monday that a technical team had been tasked with developing the appropriate legal framework.

He said the current Air Zimbabwe board would either be changed or strengthened to run both Air Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Airways – which currently falls under the auspices of the Zimbabwe Leasing Aviation Company.

Gumbo said in a statement: “Zimbabwe Airways is going to operate international routes while Air Zimbabwe will be operating locally and regionally.”

He said there would be a transfer of aircraft assets from the Zimbabwe Leasing Aviation Company (ZALC) to the new structure so that the aircraft purchased under ZALC could be brought into operation. The assets include four B777s and several Embraer aircraft.  

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