FTW Pick: Industry 4.0 – adapt or die, industry warned

The 4th industrial revolution and its attendant technologies have become all the rage, to the extent that those in the know simply refer to it as “4.0”.

Sadly, said transport industry expert Riaz Haffejee, South African businesses “haven’t really understood what it means, and are still grappling with 3.0”, the previous industrial revolution that gave the world advancement through automated computing systems.

Speaking at the recent Manufacturing Indaba in Sandton, Haffejee said that whether Africa liked it not, the quickening pace of innovation would drag it along on a path of dizzying progress that would leave behind those who failed to embrace intelligent information systems.

The CEO of Sumitomo Rubber in Durban, a tyre manufacturer with tracks across most of Africa, enthused that “industry 4.0 takes the changes in automation and underlying base technologies and adds on top of it the internet of things, cloud computing, robotic helpers, machine learning and artificial intelligence”.

He stressed that businesses across the spectrum should take heed that “these technologies produce things that are far more efficient and proficient in propelling production forward in a mass-customised manner”.

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