May’s cabinet heading for a crash amid Brexit resignations

British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

British Prime Minister Theresa May appeared to be caught between a rock and a hard place, struggling to stay afloat amidst high-level resignations and Brexit propositions floundering midway between the UK and Europe.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson yesterday became the latest leading lieutenant to announce his resignation from May’s cabinet.

Earlier Brexit minister David Davis and his deputy, Steve Baker, resigned because of May’s softening stance with EU negotiators.

At the time of his resignation, Davis told London news site, City AM, that “the current trend of policy and tactics” undermined the government’s capacity to “deliver on the mandate of the referendum, and our manifesto commitment to leave the customs union and the Single Market.”

May, however, has been hauled over a barrel by leading EU negotiator Michel Barnier who has rejected countless attempts by the British PM to precipitate a soft Brexit.

A customs arrangement she recently mooted was derided as nothing short of a rehash of earlier trade proposals that had led nowhere.

Johnson said the attempts by May to appease the EU, despite the position she found herself in as Europe threatened to impose punishing post-Brexit tariffs on the UK, was nothing short of bending the knee to Barnier and company.

The slew of resignations has significantly weakened May’s hold on power, with much speculation that she could facing a vote of no confidence.

Trying to save face amidst the fall-out from her pacifying stance towards the EU, May has appointed Eurosceptic and Brexit hard-liner Dominic Raab as Johnson’s successor.

It remains to be seen though whether May will survive the latest crisis rocking her cabinet.

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