Wesgro moves ahead with aquaculture investment scheme

Building on previous initiatives to grow investment in the aquaculture sector, Wesgro’s Investment Promotion team, in conjunction with the Matzikama Municipality, are set to develop an implementation plan.

According to Wesgro Agribusiness Investment Unit head, Amanda Tshaya, marine aquaculture, specifically abalone, is a fast-developing sector in the province which is becoming a key economic driver and creator of job opportunities.

“Abalone has become a key export market for the Matzikama district and our department will remain committed to trying to further boost investment in this potentially lucrative market,” she said.

Wesgro CEO Tim Harris said that as global wild fish stocks remained under pressure and were depleting at an unsustainable rate, the promotion and growth of aquaculture would play an important role in meeting the rising demand caused by the overexploitation of fish.

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