Dti leads trade and investment mission to Kenya and Tanzania

A trade and investment mission to Kenya and Tanzania is currently under way, and will end on May 25.

Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies said that Kenya was particularly important as it was a regional hub in East Africa in the way that South Africa was a regional hub in southern Africa, while Tanzania was critical as it was strategically located, with its ports serving as an entry point to the East African Community.

“This strategic advantage is therefore useful for South African companies seeking to penetrate the landlocked markets of Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, DRC and Uganda which are dependent on Tanzania’s port resources,” he said.

“Given our successes in other parts of Africa, we feel there is a need for our products in Kenya and Tanzania,” said Nxco Mining Technologies managing director, Michael Durie, who will be part of the delegation participating in the trade and investment mission.

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