Citrus industry achieves impressive job creation numbers

The citrus industry has added 19 607 jobs to agricultural employment numbers since 2010, surpassing the predicted 15 000, according to Citrus Growers’ Association (CGA) CEO Justin Chadwick.

“In 2010 CGA was invited to attend a high-level Imbizo on jobs and job creation. At the time it was estimated that the citrus industry had the potential to add 15 000 jobs to agriculture. We have surpassed that prediction with a figure that instead equates to approximately 10 000 permanent jobs and 20 000 seasonal jobs (six months of the year).”

He added that the industry had grown from 58 101 hectares planted to citrus, to 78 000 hectares in the same time frame - a trend that reflected in the 2017 data. “As CGA information manager, John Edmonds, finalises the tree census for 2017, the huge growth in hectares under both lemons and soft citrus is evident, while grapefruit hectares remain static.”

Limpopo remains the province with the biggest area under citrus, although considerable growth has been noted for both the Eastern and Western Cape.

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