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Top 5 strangest cargo spills

  1. 29 000 rubber ducks. In 1992, 29 000 yellow rubber ducks manufactured by Friendly Floatee departed from Hong Kong on a container ship. Unfortunately, there was a cargo spill and the ducks ended up falling over board. This led to a mass dispersion of rubber ducks in the Pacific Ocean, some of which travelled as far as the Gulf of Alaska.
  2. 13.7 million bees. In 2015, a portion of a highway near Seattle, WA was shut down when 13.7 million bees spilled out across the road. The truck carrying them was involved in a collision. Fire trucks, volunteers and beekeepers were among the respondents.
  3. 2 200 piglets. Ohio saw a load carrying over 2 200 piglets empty onto the side of the road. Some of the piglets fled before authorities reached the scene – a move probably inspired by the film Babe: Pig in the City.
  4. One exploding whale. In 2004, a whale being transported through Tainan, Taiwan exploded, covering cars and passers-by.
  5. Two million euros. A truck carrying two million euros in coins overturned in southern Italy. Coins scattered everywhere, with an estimated €10 000 lost to passing motorists.

Information according to reporting by Ranker.

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