Fruit SA pushes for extension of high-cube moratorium

Fruit South Africa (FSA) is pushing for an extension of the moratorium on barring high-cube containers from the roads.

The Department of Trade and Industry has invited the South African Association of Freight Forwarders to submit an economic impact assessment from all affected industries on the potential impact of the enforcement of legislation to ban high-cube containers from the roads.

The moratorium expires on January 1, and the submission is due on April 30.

In its assessment FSA says it will argue for the moratorium to be extended for a further three years to allow for sufficient evidence to support enforcement of the regulation as “high cube ISO containers have been transported on South African roads for many years both under load and empty without known incident”.

Additionally, Citrus Growers’ Association (CGA) logistics development manager, Mitchell Brooke, noted that should it be agreed to, the FSA would also push for sufficient time for an amendment to the regulation and for trailer manufacturers and transporters to roll out compliant trailer fleets.

“For the transportation of ISO high cube containers to comply with regulation 224b, these would be required to be strictly transported on trailers to a maximum height of 1 400 millimetres,” he said. “It is more common (deemed higher than 80%) that trailers used to transport ISO containers on South African roads exceed the required 1 400 millimetres and only a few skeletal type trailers are used that have a load deck height of 1 400 millimetres or less.

“Due to the foreseeable economic impact on import/export-reliant industries, Transnet, the maritime sector and the South African economy at large, it is critical that a cordial solution is sought to rectify the present circumstance,” Brooke added.

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