FTW Pick: Iata calls on governments to nail rogue shippers

Governments must step up enforcement of dangerous goods regulations and take a tougher stance against rogue shippers.

“This includes using their power to impose significant fines and custodial sentences on those violating the regulations,” said global head of cargo for the International Air Transport Association (Iata), Glyn Hughes.

Speaking at the World Cargo Symposium in Texas in the United States recently, he said that while Iata had put new global standards and regulations in place this year to ensure the safe transport of dangerous goods – including lithium batteries – misdeclared or noncompliant dangerous goods shipments continued. “We see too many examples of abuse including mislabelling of lithium batteries,” said Hughes.

Professional Aviation Services’ David Alexander said an estimated 20% of all cargo shipments contained lithium batteries.

“Lithium batteries power many electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. With the increasing demand for smaller devices the batteries are becoming more popular,” he said.

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