CGA appoints new manager of Japan and South Korea export programmes

Newly appointed manager of the Japan and South Korea citrus export programmes, Mitchell Brooke.

Citrus Growers’ Association (CGA) logistics development manager, Mitchell Brooke, has taken over management of the Japan and South Korea export programmes.

Brooke replaces Paul Hardman who has stepped down in order to concentrate on the implementation of Phytclean, a programme aimed at implementing a system for relevant electronic information sharing for electronic export and phytosanitary certification, and the management of the pest, False Codling Moth.

Brooke has called on exporters looking to export citrus to Japan and South Korea to send in their estimates as failing to do so would result in consignments not being inspected at the port.

He also advised them to ensure that estimates were not duplicated, “for example, the producer sends in an estimate leading to the double counting of those cartons,” he said. “At the time of inspection it is the name of the exporter on the inspection documentation that will be responsible for that fruit, which should be covered by their estimate.”

He added that South Korea would be sending out an additional inspector to assist with the ever-increasing volumes into the market in 2018.

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