Trade delegation heads for Zambia

Source: Crossed flag pins

Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN) will lead a delegation of 12 companies from KZN to Lusaka from March 5-8 to explore business opportunities in Zambia.

Traditionally, trade between the two countries has been weighted in South Africa’s favour with a focus on electrical and electronic equipment, vehicles, machinery, Iron and steel.

“However, we continue to encourage bilateral trade and are working on new initiatives in this regard later in 2018 to promote the flow of trade. We are optimistic that this trade mission will provide a platform for such engagements to be initiated,” said executive manager for export development and promotion unit at TIKZN, Lester Bouah.

The delegation will include the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), The South African Footwear and Leather Export Council (SAFLEC), and private companies from the footwear, furniture, automotive and agro-processing sector.

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