Small-scale fisheries to get more resources – Daff

Source: Boatfishing

In a bid to redress the inequality suffered by coastal fishing communities, more resources will be transferred to small-scale fisheries as the current rights expire in the nearshore commercial fisheries, according to the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Daff).

“This will ensure that the basket for communities grows, thereby promoting a more economically viable future for the small-scale fishing sector,” said a Daff spokesperson.

Daff pointed out that it was currently reducing allocations in commercial fisheries to accommodate small-scale fisheries in order to empower them to contribute meaningfully to the country’s GDP and play a role in food security and job creation.

“This was evident when 50% of the nearshore west coast rock lobster Total Allowable Catch was set aside for small-scale fisheries,” added the spokesperson.

Daff is also in the process of facilitating support programmes for small-scale fishing cooperatives to ensure they are able to maximise the value of their fishing rights through “meaningful participation in the entire value chain”.

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