Japanese shipping major to build LNG-powered coal carrier

An illustration of the LNG-powered coal carrier. Source: MOL

Japanese shipping line Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), Tohoku Electric Power and Namura Shipbuilding Company today (Wednesday) got the go-ahead for the design of an LNG (liquefied natural gas) powered coal carrier today.

“As stricter standards on exhaust emissions from merchant vessels have taken effect around the world, LNG – which can significantly reduce not only SObut also CO2, which is a cause of global warming, and NOx, a cause of acid rain – is expected to see wider use as vessel fuel,” said an MOL spokesperson.

A statement from the ocean carrier noted that the project aimed to reduce the company’s environmental impact while providing safe and reliable transport services.

The three companies will conduct a study to prevent an on-board fire from spreading to the fuel tank while also streamlining inspection work. They have already conducted a study to identify potential risks and completed the vessel’s basic design.

MOL pointed out that the design ensured sufficient cargo capacity - without making the hull larger - by installing the fuel tank at the stern.

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