CSIR to collaborate on Maritime Road Map

CSIR senior researcher, Nikki Funke. Source: CSIR

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has announced that it plans to collaborate with the South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI) to support the implementation of a Maritime Road Map.

To date CSIR has been facilitating regional workshops aimed at reflecting on the progress of the road map and defining opportunities for its implementation.

However, CSIR senior researcher Nikki Funke noted that going forward the research group would be handling areas of stakeholder coordination, providing supporting research in priority areas, as well as supporting a post-graduate programme.

“The stakeholder coordination component could take the form of addressing some of the priorities and opportunities…such as organising theme-specific workshops on the implementation of the road map,” she said.

Objectives laid out in the road map – launched in April – include the development of structured financing of initiatives in the sector, measures to reduce red tape, a governance framework for the sector as well as sustained maritime growth.

“The research questions identified in the road map and through the stakeholder engagement process will guide the SAIMI research agenda and projects to support technology innovation, as we aim to become a centre of knowledge and information for the maritime sector,” said SAIMI chief executive officer, Malek Pourzanjani. 

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