FTW Pick: Vehicles diverted to avoid congested Chirundu border

Political factors have impacted the efficiency of road trade routes into Zambia forcing logistics companies to reassess their regular strategies into the country.

Aileen Ryan, commercial manager at Celtic Freight and Logistics, which specialises in breakbulk, LCL and consolidation cargo, moving imports and exports between Zambia/ South Africa and the rest of the world, said the last six to nine months had seen many changes regarding border crossings into Zambia.

“Kazangula was traditionally the border that Celtic Freight used into Zambia, with many other transporters running through Zimbabwe and entering Zambia at the Chirundu border,” Ryan said. “Towards the end of last year, political factors played a part in a large number of trucking outfits changing their routing via Botswana and also utilising the Kazangula border,” she said.

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