TFR to provide exporters with VGM service

Transnet Freight Rail has confirmed that it will offer exporters the Method 1 weighing option - under the new Safety of Life at Sea regulations that take effect on July 1 - to establish the verified gross mass of containers railed from all its terminals equipped with weighbridges

These include Bayhead, City Deep, Kazcon, Eastcon, Newcon, Belcon, Bloemcon, Pretcon and Vaalcon,

All TFR weighbridges comply with all legal requirements, a general manager commercial, Nisha Jones, said.

“When an export container is gated in at a TFR terminal equipped with a weighbridge, TFR will update the VGM field with the weighbridge mass and send this mass information to TPT as part of the rail pre-advice,” said Jones.

“However for all seaborne export containers railed from TFR sidings, areas or facilities with no weighbridge facilities or where the TFR weighbridge is out of service, the customer will have to follow the process of providing the VGM to TFR in the form of documentation used as input to capture an order for rail. This information will electronically interface with the TPT Navis system.”

TFR has warned customers to ensure that their hauler’s and trailer’s tare weights are correctly registered with TFR in the TFR Navis and CMM systems to avoid unnecessary disputes that can be caused as a result of incorrect info.

“The VGM of containers railed from neighbouring countries can be declared at source and once captured in TFR systems the information will interface with TPT Navis. Alternatively the shipping line responsible must perform the TPT Navis pre-advice function and declare the VGM in Navis.

In all instances where TFR does not mass measure containers to obtain the weight, copies of printed weighbridge slips must accompany TFR documentation as proof of the VGM,” she added.

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